Tony Newton is a UK based writer, filmmaker, film producer and an avid VHS collector, film reviewer and documentarian.
Owner of Vestra Pictures, writer of the macabre and dark poet.

Author of Video Nasty Poetry, Chasing the Devil, Horror Movie Poetry, Terror Rhymes, Splatter Video, The Zombie Rule book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide, #I'm Zombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel and Producer of the films VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary, VHS Lives 2:Undead Format, VHS Lives 3: VHS NASTY, Virus of the Dead, 60 Seconds to Die trilogy and Troma's Grindsploitation films.

I am always interested in joining new and exciting film projects in a number of ways and joining new and inivitive writing  projects from horror fiction to poetry!


Please contact for collaboration, Quotes, Reviews,  Blurbs for your Indie Film which I will fit in as many as I have time for in between work and watching horror films!

I'm a huge supporter of #IndieFilm #SupportIndieFilm and #UndergroundHorror


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